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7 Crazy Internet Fads!Ever heard of milking, plan king or lion Kinging? They’re just three of the many internet fads that have been taking the web by storm. Each fad involves being filmed or photographed doing a specific act, then uploading the video to YouTube or the photo to Facebook (or another social network). Other internet users share the video or photo and the best ones go viral. Here are six of the most popular (and most ridiculous) online fads.Planking
“Planking” first appeared in 2011. It involves being filmed or photographed while you’re lying on top of an object (such as a car) or between two objects (such as two chairs). Famous planking shots include a picture of two Wisconsin teens who planked on top of a police car (they were arrested), and a 14-year-old Norwegian boy who planked on top of a dead shark (his father is a fisherman).
“Milking” was created in 2012 by students at Newcastle University in the UK. It involves standing in a public place and pouring an entire container of milk over your head. The students created a viral video of themselves “milking” in several public places. including a train slation and the middle of a busy road.
“Porting” is just like “milking”. but instead of milk you pour a bottle of port over your head. It was invented by a group of students at Durham University (also in the UK) in December 2012. “What could be better than pouring fortified wine over crisp, white shirts?” one of the students said. They uploaded a video of themselves porting in several places in Durham and it quickly went viral.
In November 2012, Colin Hickey from Montana (USA) created “frosting”. This involves photographing yourself doing a summertime activity in the middle of winter. In one “frosting” photo that went viral, a mother and son are wearing their bathing suits while sitting on a beach towel in the snow. In another picture a man is lying on a lilo in the middle of a frozen lake.
Gallon Smashing
“Gallon smashing” is another milk fad. Gallon smashers go into a supermarket and pick up a container of milk. Then, when nobody is watching, they smash the milk carton on the ground and collapse into the puddle of milk. Of course, an accomplice films the whole stunt. It’s called “gallon smashing” because milk is sold in one¬∑gallon containers in the United States.
Lion Kinging
Remember the animated film the Uon King? There’s a scene at the beginning when the lion Mufasa holds his new¬∑born son Simba up in the air in order to present him to the other animals. Well, this fad is all about being filmed while lifting your cat or dog into the air, just like Mufasa does in the movie.
This fad is rather disgusting. To do it, you need to be filmed putting your head down a toilet bowl and then flushing it. Fun, eh?So, what do you think the next internet fad will be? Maybe you should invent one yourself!

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