Reminder letter

Writing Example

Dear Julio,
First of all, I want to remind you that we have a meeting scheduled for next Monday, the 22th, in the blue room of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I’m telling you this because I remember that the last time we set a similar meeting so far in advance, you forgot about. I hope your memory doesn’t fail you this time.
I’m writing to you because the other day I ran into Shawn Dolores when I was having launch with the vice president of the Union bank in San Diego. He’s lost a lot of weight and he tells me that he now works as a consultant in subjects related to mergers and acquisitions. I told him that you were looking for a way to sell part of your company to a foreign partner and he seemed very interested in knowing more details. I gave him your telephone number.
I hope you don’t mind. Shawn may not be the most pleasant person in the world, but you have to admit he knows the rules of the game better than most.
Keep me informed.
Sonia Herrera Fernandes

Learning Points

  • Business people write a reminder letter to remind other business people about a seminar, a meeting, an interview, or to collect money from customers. It can be also personal, so people write it in order to remind about casual events like parties, weddings or even funeral ceremonies.
  • The reminder letter should be very clear, short, polite and friendly. you can start with simple expressions like “I want to remind you“.
  • It’s very necessary to provide all of the indispensable information in the reminder letter such as :

– The date and the time of the meeting or the seminar.
– The location of the upcoming event.
– The purpose of the event.
– The payment information if it’s a “collect money” reminder.

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