Poetry in English

Writing Example

When I look in your eyesJust in a trice
When I look in your eyes
I see the sea
I see the line where the sky meet the sea
I see a man with a Vodka and some ice
sucking the luck from a six-sided dice
When I look in your eyes
I see a door
I see the door of a prison with my name
I see the prisoner and the gaoler as the same
I see a star at the corner of the bar
Getting sick of himself and his fame
When I look in your eyes
I see mine
I see the place where the sun doesn’t shine
I see some kids who are not anymore
Fooling around with the pain of their sore
Making a day of the moan of their whine
When I look in your eyes
I see your eyes
Besides that, I can see other eyes
Other eyes which are not even jetty
Other eyes which are not even pretty
Other eyes which are not even even
They look like heaven
The eyes you were given

Learning Points

  • Poetry is language that always means more.

Writing poetry isn’t just about having great ideas to express, it’s about doing lots of exciting things with language.
Poetry is language in which every element (word order, image, sound, pause, echo, rythm) has a powerful, robust significance.

  • Writing a poem is like baking a cake.

1- Ingredients : Your thoughts, feelings, fantasies.
2- Space : The writer simply translates energy and build a space for that energy to flow.
3- Structure (Sonnet, Ode, Elegy) : The poet can choose whatever is easiest for him to organise his thoughts.

  • Metaphors and similes can make your poem looks so elegant and sophisticated. They are very useful but don’t overuse them.

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