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String of Break-ins at Gulmohar View

Mumbai, 20th March.

There have been a series of break-ins at Gulmohar View, a horsing society in the quiet suburb of Chembur. The society is located just off Choitram Road.The first break-in took place ten days ago. Shortly after, three other break-ins were reported. No items of high monetary value were stolen. Although security has been tightened at Gulmohar View, the stingĀ  of break-ins seems to continue.

Residents of Gulmohar View no longer feel safe. “It’s not safe anymore! I have changed the locks of all my doors for fear of thieves,” says 45 year old Mr. Patel.

Police investigations are still on. A list of suspects is being drawn up. No arrests have been made as yet.



Learning Points

The newspaper report is an important form of a report. It appears in the newspaper in the form of articles.
A newspaper report is a factual account of events written in an objective manner.
While it usually takes the form of an article, it can also be in the form of a short essay.

Here are some basic features of a newspaper report :
– A report begins with an appropriate headline.
– The opening sentence of the report is an elaboration of the headline.
– The name of the place and the date must also be mentioned in the report.
– Any other relevant information must be added to the newspaper report.
– All the facts mentioned in the report must be accurate.
– The report should be written objectively, without any bias.
– A newspaper report must contain the views of the people concerned.
– The report must not be lengthy.
– A proper conclusion is essential for any newspaper report.
– For more credibility, a newspaper report should list potential references and sources.

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