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Professional Housewife
How much time do you spend on housework? A website has surveyed 4,000 British housewives. It found that the average mother works nine hours every day. Therefore, a British housewife would earn about €40,000 if she was employed. The average salary in the UK is €30,000. 71% of housewives said that running the family-home was a full-time job. An average mum spends 273 minutes every day looking after the children. A nanny in the UK would earn about €48 a day for the same job. Cleaning and tidying for one hour would earn a cleaner almost €8. And for more than an hour of cooking, a chef would earn €20. Carolyn Morris, a spokeswoman for the website, said, “The survey clearly demonstrates that not only do housewives deserve a wage for their efforts, they also need a break from the daily grind”.
  • Example 3 :
Paper Spaceship
Did you make paper planes when you were a child? How far did they fly? A team from the University of Tokyo want to fly a paper plane from the International Space Station back to earth – a distance of 400km. The plan is to ask a Japanese astronaut to throw about 100 of the paper planes into space. The paper has a substance added to it that increases its heat resistance. So far, the planes have endured temperatures of around 300 degrees Celsius. They have also survived in wind speeds of seven times the speed of sound. “We think from this experiment we will be able to create new concepts, and in the very near future perhaps new types of airships from this design”, said Professor Suzuki, the scientist leading the research. He hopes it will also make more school children interested in science.

Learning Points

In order to write a convenient newspaper article, you need to follow one or more of the tips listed below:

      • Giving information to support your argument.

– Researches have found that …

– Studies show that …

– According to scientists …

      • Giving statistical information

– Every year, 2,100 adults die …

      • Using cause expressions (because, for, as, as a result, caused by)

– Many of us choose not to smoke because of the effects …

– As a result, everyone inhales …

– 2,100 adults die as a result of smoking.

– … these deaths are caused by second-hand.

      • Concluding.

– Therefore, we need more laws …

– In conclusion, we need a change …

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