Informal letter writing

How to write an informal letter

Example of a letter to a pen-pal

Let’s find out Mary’s worries and inquiries prior to visiting Morocco.

Dear Mehdi,
My parents have finally given me their OK to spend a couple of weeks with you next summer. We’ll certainly have so much fun together, won’t we ?
But, I’m a bit panicky about this visit. Morocco is miles away; it’s a new world for me, with customs and beliefs definitely different from the ones we’ve got here in Britain.
What I got through net search didn’t in the least relieve my panic, and I still have a couple of questions in mind:
– Shall I stay in a hotel or will you put me up ?
– What are the common ways of greeting people in your country?
– What about table manners? Do you use both hands when you’re eating?
– And clothes? Should I dress up or wear casual things?
I feel my dream to visit Morocco will come true at last. Till then, I count on you to tell me about the things above.
That’s it for now. Keep in touch.


Phrases used in informal letters and their functions

To thank the person for writing

Thanks for you letter.

To apologize

I’m really sorry …

To change the subject

By the way …

To ask a favor

Could you do something for me ?

To suggest or invite

Why don’t we …

To request some information

Please let me know …

To share information

Have you ever heard about … ?

To finish the letter

I’d better get going.

To ask for a response

Write soon.

To express regard

Take care.

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