Informal letter writing

Formal letter of intent

Formal letter of intent (Real Estate)

This is an example of letter of Intent from Sandy Houston to the CEO of (oceanfront real estate, including magnificent homes and perfectly finished lots for sale)


Dear sir,

I am interested in the house near Mulholland Hwy, Malibu CA which you advertised in yesterday’s newspaper, for my husband and I are coming to California in July and will need accommodation for three months. Will you please tell me exactly where it is and give me details of bus and train services in the area ? I would also like to know about the local shops.

Shall I be able to shop without car ? I do not drive and my husband will not always be free to take me shopping; so we need a house on a bus road. Do the local shops still close on Friday ? I know they used to do ten years ago.

I will be grateful if you tell me whether I’ll be able to find somebody to help me with the housework.

The rent you’ve asked for sounds reasonable. How would you like it paid ? Weekly, monthly or in advance ?

My husband and I have been living in New York for ten years, but before that we had lived in Malibu, that is why we want to spend our holidays there.

Please write soon, I’m looking forward to your letter.

Sandy Houston

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