Film review

Writing Example

James Cameron’s Titanic quickly became the most expensive movie, costing over 200 million dollars. Who’s going to pay to see a 194 minute historical romance with a known ending and no stars?
At the box office, Titanic made over 25 million dollars and lasted on screens for up to seven weeks.
It’s a love story. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a poor boy who wins a ticket aboard the Titanic in a game. Kate Winslet plays an unhappy member of a rich family whi is bored by social rules. She wants to commit suicide; fortunately for her, she runs into DiCaprio and then begins a romance as grand and glorious as the Titanic itself. But there’s Billy Zane, Winslet’s cold family member, and Winslet’s mother, extremely afraid of losing her social status. The two main characters, DiCaprio and Winslet, are fascinating. They are both deeply human.
The tragic sinking, when it comes, is brutal and frightening. It’s also very well constructed. And how brutal! The many people who die when the Titanic sinks look real.
The special effects are amazing, and they help the story and its characters. That’s how movies should be. Films Should be about their characters, not about their special effects or action sequences.

Learning Points

  • The film review is a short description of a film, where the writer provides details of the movie analysed and gives his/her opinion or recommendation of the film.

The register used may be formal or semi-formal depending on the addressees and kind of newspaper or magazine where it will be published.
Present tenses and a variety of adjectives are frequently used.

  • Like other essays, a film review should consist of three parts :

Introduction : It summarises all the background information of the film and it may references to the title, director, type of film, setting (place and time), if it is based on a book, characters, etc.
Body : It offers a summary of the plot focusing on the main aspects. It can include general comments on the plot, the development of the main characters, the acting, the direction, etc.
Conclusion : The writer provides a general assessment of the film, and his/her opinion about it. The writer recommends or doesn not recommend the movie. He/she should give reasons to support his/her opinion about the film.

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