Diary Entry Writing

Diary Entry Writing

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October 20th, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today was an exciting day. Grandma took me on a surprise outing. We left home at about 9:00 a.m and boarded a bus. A few minutes later, the bus stopped near a large gate. Beyond the gate, I could see a long road with well maintained lawns behind which stood a tall white building called the Brook museum.

A cheerful guide took us around to see the ancient marble statues, crockery, things made of irony, beautifully carved old wooden furniture, metal statues and a treasure trove of historic things.

We were so engrossed in seeing all this that we did not realize that it was noon! Grandma had packed some tasty cheese sandwiches and strawberry cake for lunch. After our delicious meal, we returned back to the museum to continue our tour.

We went on to see a good number of clocks collected from different European countries. There were bird cage clocks, bracket clocks, grandfather clocks, and skeleton clocks from the 18th Century. It was nearing 3 o’clock, when the guide stopped near an unusual British bracket clock and requested all the visitors to gather around it.

As the clock struck 3, a miniature toy soldier came out of an enclosure and struck the gong thrice and returned back to the enclosure. It was time to go back home.

I enjoyed every moment of my visit there.

P.S I missed Vicki a lot when I saw the clock. She would have been delighted. I wish she was there.


Learning Points

A diary is a written record of personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. A diary entry however, is introspective in nature. Rather than just detailing an event or an activity, it presents the thoughts and reactions of the writer to such events or activities.

It can be considered as a friend with whom you can be yourself, and share your intimate thoughts and emotions. You can keep a daily record of the people you meet, the exciting things that you do at home or at school, or the memories of a holiday or common place, everyday events.

It can be used :

– to express various sentiments like joy, sadness, anger, excitement, …

– to express one’s thoughts, views or philosophy,

– to express one’s drama and hopes,

– to help one cope with certain situations or emotions.

Some diaries have dates printed on all pages. You can also use a simple notebook as a diary by writing the date on the top corner of every fresh page.

Remember the following points while writing a diary entry :

– Write the diary entry in the first person (I or we), since this is your personal story or personal account of the event.

– Write the events in the correct order.

Provide important details of the place, time, people or things that were part of the events.

– Write about your emotions and feelings in detail and explain why you feel that way.

– You can draw or stick pictures to make the entry more interesting.

– You may use simple or informal language, but avoid slang.

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