Describing a picture in English

Describing a picture in English

Locating something in a picture

Look at the picture and see if you can identify the things mentioned below:
• There’s a clock at the top to the right.
• You can see a pair of glasses on the table at the front.
• There’s a window at the back of the picture.
• There are some books on the table in the foreground .
• There’s a city skyline in the background.
• The man on the left is rubbing his chin.
• The person on the far right is wearing glasses.
• There’s a cup in the middle of the table and another one on the right-hand side.
• I can see a bird in the top left-hand corner.
• There’s a man with a red jumper in the bottom right-hand corner.
• There’s a woman with glasses next to him.
• I can’t see what’s under the table.
• There’s a woman standing at the back on the left.
• There’s a man with a striped shirt in the middle of the picture.
• There are two women on either side of him .

What’s in the picture?
• I can see three people.
• There’s a house on the left.
• There are two people playing a game.
• The man is eating.
• The people are running
• It’s raining.

If something isn’t clear
• It could be a dog or a wolf, I’m not sure.
• That woman reminds me of my aunt.
• It could be Ben, but I’m not sure .
• It looks like a cat, but I’m not sure.
• It might be a horse, but I can’t see it properly.
• He could be the one on the left, but it isn’t clear.
• If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s Richard in the background.

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