How To Use Capital Letters


The first Word of a sentence

We enjoyed our day on the beach.

The dinner was good.

Days of the week

We never go out on Fridays.

We prefer to have an evening out on Saturdays.

Months of the year

School starts in September.

We don’t study in August.

Names of people

I met Jasmin on my way to school.

This is my friend Laila.


Benhazir Butto is Pakistani.

Julia Roberts is American.


Do you speak Arabic ?

Indian is a difficult language.


Islam and Christianity are monotheist religions.

Jewish population was estimated at 13.4 million (of the total world population).

Titles used with names

Professor Zaki is a historian.

Doctor Santos will be here soon.

Special days

Ramadan is the month of fasting.

I will see you this Christmas.

Names of places

The Red Sea is a beautiful place.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt.

The Pronoun “I”

I like you.

Adam and I went to store this morning.

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