Autobiographical statement

Writing Example

I was born in in Melbourne, but I grew up in Broome, which is a small town with not much to do, so my two brothers and I had to improvise and invent a lot of games. This is probably one reason why I was good at making things. As a child I always enjoyed designing objects to put in rooms, and my teachers encouraged me to develop my artistic abilities. I also found that I had a particular aptitude for Computer science.
At the age of fifteen I decided to leave school and do an apprenticeship in a design company. I worked for Buro North for three years, mainly doing clerical work in the office, but also observing some of the projects.
During this time I learnt a lot, especially from Madison Byrne, who was a distribution manager. She was quite inspiring in that she taught me how to solve problems by looking at things in a different way. From her I learned how to access my creativity when I needed to “think out of the box”.
In 2008 I felt I needed a new challenge so I decided to enrol on a cartoon animation course. My application was successful and I spent a very enjoyable month working on film animation. It was at this time that I realised my true vocation was designing graphics for advertisements and commercial films. For this reason I have applied for a degree course in graphic design. I really hope to develop my skills so that I will be able to work in this field for the foreseeable future.
Sophia Sloman

Learning Points

  • Useful phrases to use for organising time and sequence:

As a child, I enjoyed drawing things.
At the age of thirteen, I realised it wasn’t just a hobby.
During this time, I learnt how to use a computer.
I spent a month training.
It was at this time that I started working out seriously.
– It was all about managing time for the foreseeable future.

  • Useful phrases to use for explaining stages in your career path:

– I had an aptitude for Physics.
– I had to do an apprenticeship in a software company.
– I decided to enrol on electoral register.
– I applied for a cooking course.
– Finally I found my true vocation.

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