Good mood / Bad mood

Expressing Mood in English

Some words that express feelings and emotions :

Positive emotions Negative Emotions
joy – gaiety – delight – cheerfulness – merriment – vivacity – calm – satisfaction – enthusiasm – optimism – jubilation anger – despair – depression – loneliness – sadness – frustration – worry – fear


Some idiomatic expressions used to describe good and bad moods :

Good mood Bad mood
The news of my brother’s success reallylifted my spirits.

Things are looking uptoday.

Sam has been walking on air since he won a poetry prize.

My spirits rose when I opened the box and found a nice watch.

I’m feeling quite downactually.

My heart sank when I saw the ambulance.

Lara was in the depths of despair after she got that terrible grade.

I’ve been really lowrecently.


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