Emotions Expressions : Get over

Emotions expressions (phrasal verbs)

Calm down
To stop feeling upset, angry or excited.

  • “Just calm down – getting angry about it isn’t going to change anything.

Emotions expressions : Calm down
Carry away
If you get “carried away”, you become so excited about something that you lose control and forget about everything else.

  • “I think I got a bit carried away after hearing that we’d won the first prize.

Emotions Expressions : Carry away
Cheer up
If someone “cheers you up”, they make you feel happier again.

  • She soon cheered up when I told her that she’d been selected to form part of the team.

Emotions Expressions : Cheer up
Eat away at
If something is “eating away at” you, it’s worrying you a lot and making you feel stressed.

  • The thought that they might come back at any time was just eating away at me.

Emotions Expressions : Eat away at
Get over
If you “get over” a bad experience or something that makes you unhappy, you recover from it, stop being affected by it and start to feel better again.

  • “We all know what you’ve been through – but you just need a bit of time to get over it.

Emotions Expressions : Get over
Get to
If something “gets to” you, it affects you and makes you feel angry, sad or upset.

  • Don’t worry, she talks like that to everyone, so don’t let it get to you!

Emotions Expressions : Get to
Pull yourself together
lf you manage to “pull yourself together”, you become calm again after being so angry or upset that you were incapable of acting normally.

  • Come on, pull yourself together! You can’t let them see you like this.”

Emotions Expressions : Pull yourself together
Take aback
If something “takes you aback”, it surprises you a lot.

  • She was really taken aback when she heard that they’d chosen her for the role in the film.

Emotions Expressions : Take aback

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