Education Collocations

Education Collocations

In this lesson you will see some examples of Education Collocations.

Make :
– a mistake
– a progress

Examples :
– I started learning Spanish last month, but I haven’t made a lot of progress.
– making mistakes can help us to learn quickly.

Get :
– marks (good / bad)
– a degree

Examples :
– I didn’t get good marks in my last exam.
– I’ve got a degree from Al-Akhawayn University.

Do :
– a course
– a subject (Art, History, Computer science ..)
– a research

Examples :
– I did a swimming course before and still can’t swim good.
– I’m doing physics at university.
– To do a research using Wikipedia is always a good choice.

Go :
– to class
– to lectures

Examples :
– Mr Lee is a good lecturer. I’m going to his lecture tomorrow morning.
– Go to your class and pay attention.

More expressions and Idioms :
There are many idioms related to learning and Education, we just want to cite some :
– to throw in at the deep end
– practice makes perfect
– to learn by doing
– to learn by heart
– to pick up

Examples :
– You are thrown in at the deep end.
– Practice makes perfect .. don’t forget that.
– Learn by doing is a lively methos to learn as it should.
– You have to learn that by heart.
– I don’t understand grammar rules. I just picked my Arabic language up from the street.

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