English Grammar

Different meanings of Get

Don’t underestimate the little word Get. It’s a hard-working verb that is very common in spoken English. There are many meanings and uses of this versatile verb, as you can see from the examples listed on this page.
Did you get a present from your colleagues for your birthday?

Receive TV/radio
You can’t get the BBC player TV programmes in Germany.

Receive a mark/grade
Guess what! I got an A in my physics test!

Contract an illness
She got a cold on the flight back from Australia.

A friend of my daughter got $8 an hour when she was working in a supermarket last summer.

Pay for
Wait a second! I’ll get these drinks.

Fetch/Pick up
I have to get the children from school at half past three.

To be given a prison sentence
The two men got eight years for armed robbery.

We couldn’t get her to come to the cinema with us.

Pay someone else to do something
I need to get my eyes tested.

We got talking when we were at Heathrow, waiting for a plane that had been delayed.

Have an opportunity
It’s a real shame that we never get to have a quiet evening at home together.

Arrive somewhere
By the time we got to the centre of London, the shops had all closed.

Reach a point
It was really disappointing to lose after getting so far in the competition.

Travel by train/bus/taxi
Shall we get a taxi to the airport, or shall we take the train?

I can get on the bus at Bruntsfield Avenue, can’t I?

Make something/someone move
I need to get this desk into the other room. Can you help me?

Prepare a meal
I must go home and get dinner for the children.

Answer a call
There’s someone at the door. Can you get it?

Hit and harm
Look at my arm! A wasp got me!

You’ll soon get bored with your new job.

Make somebody become …
Don’t get grandma confused!

He’s always telling jokes, but I never get them.

You got me wrong! I said I’d pick you up at 6.30, not 7.30.

What really gets me is having to work on Saturday.

Draw attention to something
Get this! The capital of California is Sacramento, not Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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