Welcoming Visitors in English

Welcoming Visitors in English

In this lesson, you’ll learn about both the formal and the informal ways of welcoming visitors. The first conversation is all about how to welcome someone to your house in a friendly way and the second conversation takes place in the formal setting of welcoming a business associate to your company.

Conversation 1 : Welcoming a friend at home (Informal and Friendly)

Lydia Oh, hi Allison. Come in. It’s really nice to see you.
Allison Lovely to see you too. You’re looking great.
Lydia Thanks. So are you. Let me take your coat.
Allison OK. Here you go.
Lydia Come through to the living room, and make yourself at home. I’ll tell Tyler you are here. What can I get you to drink ?
Allison I don’t mind really, as long as it’s hot. What have you got ?
Lydia I’ve made some fresh tea, but you can also have coffee or hot chocolate.
Allison Tea will be lovely, thanks.
Lydia How do you take your tea ?
Allison Tiny bit of milk, no sugar, please.
Lydia Here we go, your tea and some home-made cookies.
Allison Oh! my favourites, thanks.
Lydia You’re welcome. How was your trip ?
Allison I hit some traffic on the motorway, but quite smooth overall.
Lydia Excellent. How’s your mum ?
Allison She’s very well. She sends her love.
Lydia It’s a shame she couldn’t be here today.
Allison It is. She’s have loved to see you both, but she had an appointment she couldn’t get out of.
Lydia Well, next time I hope. Lunch will be ready soon. We thought we could go for a walk around town afterwards. You haven’t really seen much of town, have you ?
Allison No, I haven’t. That’d be great.
Lydia I can hear Tyler coming down now. He’ll keep you company while I serve lunch.
Allison Great. It smells wonderful !

Conversation 2 : Welcoming someone at the office (Formal and Business Like)

Lydia Good morning, Ms Aniston. Do come in. Welcome. It’s nice to see you again.
Pheobe And you, I’ve been very much looking forward to this visit.
Lydia So have we. May I take your coat ?
Pheobe Certainly. Here you are.
Lydia Please have a seat, and make yourself comfortable. I’ll tell Mr Kligman you are here. Would you like something to drink ?
Pheobe Yes, I wouldn’t mind a hot drink, if at all possible.
Lydia Of course. We have tea, coffee and hot chocolate. What would you prefer ?
Pheobe Coffee would be great, thank you.
Lydia How would you like your coffee ?
Pheobe A drop of milk and one sugar, please.
Lydia Here you are. Please help yourself to the cookies.
Pheobe They look delicious, thank you.
Lydia You’re welcome. did you have any trouble finding the way ?
Pheobe No, the directions you sent me were very clear, and there was hardly any traffic on the road.
Lydia Excellent. How’s Mr Smith ?
Pheobe He’s very well. He sends his regards.
Lydia It’s a pity he couldn’t join us today.
Pheobe Indeed. He would have really liked to come, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to rearrange his schedule.
Lydia Well, I certainly hope he can join us on your next visit. As for today’s schedule, we thought we could have lunch first and then show you around the company. How does that sound to you ?
Pheobe Very good. I’d really like to see you design centre.
Lydia Certainly. Well, I think that’s Mr Kligman coming now. I’ll leave you in his good hands while I make the lunch arrangements.
Pheobe Splendid. Thank you very much.

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