Welcomig visitors in English

Visiting someone’s house

Learn the kind of English you need for social occasions. Here are some expressions you may use to welcome your visitors, and others to use when visiting someone’s house.

What you say

– Sorry I’m late. The traffic was terrible.
– Sorry, but I think I’m a bit early, aren’t I?
– Here’s a little something for you.
– We got this for you.
– What a lovely house.
– The house is amazing.
– How long have you been living here?
– It’s a nice neighborhood.
– The neighborhood sounds very quiet.
– The sofa’s very comfy.
– Is that you in the photo?
– Are these your children?
– That’s a nice painting.
– I’ll have whatever you’re having.
– I’ll have a coke, please.
– Where”s the bathroom, please?
– I think it’s getting late. I think we should be going.
– Thank you for a lovely evening.
– The food was fantastic.
– I’m sorry about dropping that plate/glass.
– You should come round to our place sometime.

What you hear

– Come in.
– It’s nice to see you again.
– Did you find somewhere to park your car?
– Let me take your coat.
– Make yourself at home.
– Do sit down.
– Let me show you around. This is the living room, and that is the kitchen just right there.
– We’ve just had it redecorated.
– Here’s our photo album from out time in Washington.
– Can I get you anything to drink?
– What can I get you to drink?
– How would you like your tea?
– We’ve got red wine, white wine, beer, orange juice or water.
– Here are some nice warm cookies for you. Help yourself!
– More soup/wine/meat, etc?
– The bathroom is just along the corridor. It’s the second door on the left.
– Can I give you a lift anywhere?
– Bye, and thanks for coming.
– Thanks for visiting me!
– Come again whenever you like.
– Drive carefully.

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