New York Taxi

Taking a taxi in English

Learn the kind of English you need for social occasions. Here are some expressions you may use to take a taxi, and others to hear from the taxi driver.

What you say

– Taxi! (in the street)
– Could you call a taxi for me, please?
– Where can I get a taxi?
– Is this taxi free?
– Do you know this address?
– Do you know where this street is?
– Could you take me to the Kurland Hotel, please?
– I would like to go to the JFK airport, please.
– To the town center, please.
– Please take me to this street.
– What’s the traffic like in this area?
– Could you go a bit slower, please?
– How much will it cost, more or less?
– Just stop over there, please.
– The meter isn’t running.
– How long will it take?
– How long do you think it’s going to take to get there?
– I’ll tell you when we get there.
– Just drop me off at the corner.
– I’m in a hurry.
– Could you take me to the nearest East Railway station, please?
– I’ll get out by the traffic lights.
– I’m so sorry but I don”t have any change.
– Do you have change for a 50-euro note?
– What”s the traffic like today?

What you hear

– Hello sir, do you need a cab?
– It’s about 30 km from here.
– It’ll take about ten minutes.
– Where would you like to go?
– Any particular route?
– Where to?
– This is a rush hour and the road is a bit heavy.
– You can put your luggage in the boot.
– Do you mind if I put the radio on?
– There’s a surcharge from the airport.
– Don’t you have any change?
– Do you know what part of town it’s in?
– Which way would you like to go?
– Any preferences for the route?
– That’ll be twenty-six Euros, please.

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