Purpose and intention in English

– I’m leaving him this time, it’s too much.
– I’m going to attend evening classes.
– I will tell her the truth. I guess she deserves it.
– He’s decided to fly back to Chicago tomorrow.
– She came with the information of learning.
It’s their intention to find another investors.
– He has every intention of working more in computer programming fields.
– They intend to develop new management softwares.
– They mean to have another child.
– He’s resolved to stop fooling around with married women.
– He seems determined to divorce her after catching her cheating.
– I know he wants to make a fuss.
– They’re willing to innovate in that field too.
Are you planning to write another book?
– I have a good mind to leave this please. I don’t want someone to see me here.
– She’s thinking of staging the play next month. Are you going to be there?
– To be honest, I’m thinking of leaving here and find another job.
– She’s made up her mind to call her old friends and go out with them.
What have they come to New York for?
– They’ve come to Los Angeles to study experimental probabilities.
For what purpose does she want to take part in the contest?
– She did it in order to be noticed.
In order to get good marks in Financial Mathematics, I studied so hard.
– I’ve brought it for you to read.
– He keeps the bedroom door open, so as to have an eye on the children.
Her aim is to arrive there safe and sound.
– she is to get engaged as soon as possible.
– He was to help them, but I don’t know if he did.
– He was to have given me a lift, but he didn’t come.
– I Always hide the bottles, so that he will not be tempted.

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