Preferences in English

– Who’s your favourite singer?
– Do you prefer History or Geography?
– My uncle Joey prefers watching science fiction movies.
Which city do you like best? New York or San Francisco?
Would you rather go to Oxford or to Cambridge?
Would you prefer to go outside or play a game with your cousins here?
What I like best is their splendid mansion.
– He likes the striped tie better.
– I think my sister likes cats better than dogs.
– I like following the official Twitter account of National Geographic better than following their Facebook page.
– I prefer living in town to living in the country.
– This is something very personal and I’d prefer to tell her myself.
– I’d rather learn more formal sentences.
– I’d rather they gave me more time so I can do a good job.
– I’d rather they didn’t meet so often.
Rather than get old, I’d prefer to die now.
– I’d sooner do it now than next term.
It’s better to move to Australia than stay here.
What does everyone most want to get out of their life?
What I want right now is to live in a free country like The United States and raise my child in a healthy environment.
– I must say classical music appeals to me more than pop music.
– He’s more interested in sport than in school.
My choice would be a red sportscar.
– If I had options, I would take the plane.
– Working on recent joomla templates would be my perfect choice.
– Joining Yale University would be one of my preferences.
– I’m sure you’d enjoy football more than tennis.
What I like better than anything else is playing golf.
– This hairstyle fits me better than anything else.
– A piece of the strawberry pie would be suitable.
– I guess 9 a.m. would suit me better.

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