Permissions in English

Asking for permission

– Can I ask you a question, please?
– May I have another piece of cake, please?
– Could I turn off the lights, please?
– Do you mind if I leave a bit early today?
– I know it seems a little bit awkward but tell me, do you mind having dinner with my ex-husband tonight?
– Is it OK if I sit here?
– Would you mind if I asked you something?
– Would they mind if I gave it back tomorrow?
– Would it be all right if I moved the table, please?
– Would be OK if I ask you to help us with that presentation, please.
– If you don’t mind, I’d like to start from the middle.
– Would it be too much trouble to ask for another one?
– Is it all right if I take this one?
– You don’t mind if I sit here, do you?
– Are we allowed to lake our bags in?
– Mom, I need your permission to get out with my friends tonight, and I promise I won’t be late.

Giving Permission

– Yes, you can.
– Yes, of course.
– Yes, of course you can.
– Of course that would be all right.
– Yes, that’s fine.
– OK, just give me a minute and I will be right there.
– Sure, you can move it.
– Go ahead, feel yourself free to sit anywhere you want.
– No problem, you can take my coat.

Refusing permission

– I’m sorry but you can not.
– No, you can’t.
– Well, you can’t, this is a private place and you need a badge.
– Of course you can’t.
– Actually, you aren’t allowed to do that.
– Actually, I’d rather you didn’t.
– No, I’m sorry but you can’t.
– I’m afraid you can’t do that.
– Yes, I would. (in answer to, “Would you mind if .. .?”)
– I’m not sure.
– I think you’d better wait until Samuel gets back.

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