Metaphor in English

Metaphor in English

A metaphor is a figure of speech in which we compare two or more unlike things that have some resemblance in common.

When I say “Life is a journey”, there’s something in common between the journey with its moments of success/failure and life with its ups/downs challenges.

I want to show you some examples:

I’m a little cloudy right now. Can you remind me later, please ? (cloudy here means confused or puzzled)

It has been forever since we’ve talked. (forever here refers to the meaning of a long time. People use other expressions like that. for example : That was a million years ago)

We have reached a crossroads. (reaching a crossroads describe the time when you have to decide. And we say a crossroads with s and its plural is just the same)

I struggle to hide my feeling. (It’s clear that struggle has the same meaning as fight in this sentence)

I had a stormy relationship with Sofia. (with a lot of arguing)

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