Making excuses in English

When was the last time you made an excuse about something? What excuse did you use? Did the other person believe you? What are some of the worst/ funniest excuses you’ve ever heard? Who was using them? Why?


Making excuses
I wish I could, but I had to finish my homework.
– Sorry, I can’t afford the prices in a fancy restaurant like this.
– I missed the bus.
Being honest when making excuses
– I couldn’t be bothered.
– I didn’t feel like it.
– I wasn’t in the mood.
– I got bored.
– I wasn’t sure what to do.
– I couldn’t find the right address.
Blaming other people
– I thought you were going to do it.
– You said that you’d do it.
– I had to take my grandma to hospital.
– Samuel told me that we didn’t need to do it.
Blaming technology
– Sorry, I couldn’t make it. The traffic was so heavy.
– The bus broke down.
– The printer ran out of ink.
– The computer crashed.
– The internet wasn’t working.
– I couldn’t get a connection.
Blaming the weather
– It was too cold.
– It was too hot.
– The weather was bad, and it caused road chaos.
Blaming time
– I didn’t have the time.
– I was too busy.
– I had too much on.
– I ran out of time.
I wish I could, but I’m going out of town and it’s already too late.
Blaming health
– Please serve yourself. I’m on a diet and I’m not supposed to eat hot dogs.
– I really want to help you out there but my doctor told me not to do any physical work.
– You know I can’t help you I’m on medication.
– I need to get some rest.
– I woke up feeling really bad.
Making excuses for someone
– He’s tired.
– She isn’t usually like that.
– She’s just going through a bad patch.
– He’s usually quite nice.
– They had too much to do.

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