Making comparisons in English

– My exercices are as difficult as yours.
– The lecture in German wasn’t as easy to understand as the one in English.
– It seems less interesting than at the beginning.
– The United States is twice as big as Spain.
– The cost would be much higher than than.
– She’s much more sensible than her old sister.
– It would be worse than that if you were dismissed.
– Don’t you have anything better?
– Such qualities are more and more difficult to find, nowadays. Do you agree?
– Believe me, you look younger and younger!
– It is true, her figure is less and less elegant.
The higher the prices are, the more difficult it is for us.
The more I insist, the more he refuses.
The less you speak to him, the less he shows off.
– The former was good, and the latter was excellent.
– He is the tallest boy in the family.
The most expensive clothes are sold there.
– It would probably be the least interesting.
By comparison, it’s cheaper.
Compared to my mother-in-law, she is very understanding and trustworthy.
– She acted as if she didn’t understand.
– Your little brother behaves like a fool!
– I don’t know, it’s just the same.
– You aunt thinks like me, and I think like her.
– These two beautiful koalas look exactly the same, don’t they?
– I can’t see the difference between the two elephants.
– Her children look exactly like her.
– She’s the very picture of her mother when she was young.
– They are very much like one another.
– They are very much alike.
– I can’t distinguish between the two.
– It smells like Mexican food.
– It tastes like pudding.
– Her English is getting better, but she sounds like an Irish.
– It’s shaped like a tube.
– My life in Portugal is similar to what it was in Italy.
– There isn’t much difference.
– We have the same expectations as yours.
– She bears no resemblance to her mother.
– He looks totally different from what I had.
– It’ funny how different they are from each other.
– She can’t compare with your sister.
There’s no comparison between the two methods.
If you compare the two, you’ll see the difference!
– We have very little in common!

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