Making an Appointment in English

Making an Appointment in English

In this English conversation lesson, You will learn about both the formal and the informal ways of Making an Appointment. The first conversation is all about how to arrange an appointment with a friend and the second conversation takes place in the formal setting of booking an appointment with a lawyer.

Conversation 1 : An appointment with a friend (Informal and Friendly)

Lucy Hi. Can I speak to Amanda, please ?
Amanda Speaking.
Lucy Hi Amanda. It’s Lucy. I got a message you had called.
Amanda Oh, hi Lucy. Thanks for calling back.
Lucy Sure. What’s up ?
Amanda I wanted to know if you fancied playing tennis this weekend.
Lucy This weekend ? Let me see … Yeah, it should be ok. Which day ?
Amanda I was thinking of Saturday. Is that good for you ?
Lucy I’m a little busy on Saturday. Can you manage Sunday ?
Amanda Yes, Sunday is fine too.
Lucy Great. What’s better for you, morning or afternoon ?
Amanda Shall we say late morning ?
Lucy Yes, that sounds good. How about 11 o’clock ?
Amanda Yes, 11 is good.
Lucy OK, I’ll look forward to it.
Amanda Same here, see you on Sunday. Bye
Lucy See you then. Take care!

Conversation 2 : An appointment with a lawyer (Formal and Business Like)

David Good morning. May I speak to Ms Amanda Brown, please ?
Amanda This is Amanda Brown speaking.
David Hello Ms Brown. This is David Bennet of Bennet & Jones Ltd. I believe you had left a message for me to call you back.
Amanda Oh, hello Mr Bennet. Thank you for returning my call so promptly.
David You’re welcome. How may I help ?
Amanda I was wondering if I could come and see you some time this week. An urgent matter has come up.
David One moment please. Let me check my diary .. Yes, the end of this week should be ok. Which day did you have in mind ?
Amanda Would Thursday suit you ?
David I’m slightly busy on Thursday, but I’m available most of Friday.
Amanda Yes, Friday suits me too.
David Excellent. Would you prefer morning or afternoon ?
Amanda Would early afternoon be convenient for you ?
David Yes. I can fit you in at 2:30. How does that sound to you ?
Amanda Yes, that’s perfect.
David Very good. I’ll be seeing you at my office at 2:30 on Friday.
Amanda Thank you Mr Bennet, I’ll look forward to seeing you then.
David Likewise. Goodbye now.
Amanda Goodbye Mr Bennet.

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