Invitations in English

  • Inviting someone

Would you like to come too?
Do you want to join us?
– The party has just begun, why don’t you stay?
What about going to that wedding party?
– it has been a while since we last met. Why not have dinner together?
How about Saturday night?
Let’s share the meal!
Would you enjoy going to that concert?
Do you fancy going to that show?
Shall we go?
Do you feel like having a drink out?
What if you spent the whole weekend with us?
– Do you know what? You could stay here!
– Come on! You know you’re welcome among us.
– It would be a pleasure if you came!
– We both hope you’ll be able to come.
– We’d be so happy to welcome you in our country house!
Would you love to come over for launch?

  • Accepting an invitation

– Yes, of course!
– Yes, for sure!
– Yes, I’m free tonight.
– Yes, I will.
– Yes, with pleasure!
– Yes, it will be a big pleasure!
– That would be nice. Thanks.
– It would be a pleasure for me too.
– Yes, I’d love to!
– I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!
– Of course, I don’t mind having a drink here.
– Sure, I won’t miss your baby shower party.
– Oh thank you, it’s very kind of you!
Thank you very much for your invitation.
I’m looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.
– What time does your play start?
– Yes, I’ll come, it sounds like fun. Thanks for inviting.
– I would be so glad to have you as my Facebook friend.

  • Refusing an invitation

– No, thank you.
– I’m sorry but I can’t accept.
– I’m so sorry. I have other plans.
– I’d like to, but I can’t stay.
– I’m afraid I’m not free tonight.
– Sorry, I’m already booked up.
– I’m sorry but I’ve promised to go to the cinema with my wife.
– My parents won’t let me go out.
I’m afraid I won’t be allowed to stay. You know my mother, she’s very conservative.
Unfortunately I have to refuse.
– I’m afraid none of the dates suit me.
I’m engaged with other appointments.

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