Introductions in English

Introductions in English

Meeting people and greetings

– Hello.
– Hi.
– Good morning.
– Good afternoon.
– Good evening.
– How are you?
– How are things?
– Fancy meeting you here!
– I’m delighted to see you.
– It’s delightful to see you here.
– Goodbye!
– See you soon!
– I hope to see you again!
– I hope we’ll meet again!
– Good night.
– See you next week!
– I’ll ring you on Friday.
– Give my love to Sarah.
– Give my regards to your sister.
– Send my best regards to your parents.
– I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Introducing yourself

– How do you do?
– Hello, I’m Elina.
– Hi, my name’s John.
– I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Adam.
– Pleased to meet you, Anna.
– Nice to meet you, Samuel.
– I’m glad to meet you.
– May I introduce myself?
– Let me introduce myself.
– Allow me to introduce myself.
– We haven’t been introduced.
– I live in San Francisco.
– I’m 30 and I’m a computer systems analyst.
– I’m Jennifer’s sister and I come from the same country.
– I was looking forward to meeting you.
– I’ve been waiting to meet you for such a long time!
– I was dying to meet you!
– I’ve been told so much about you!
– I’ve heard so much about you!
– I’d like to say how pleased I am to meet you!
– I think we’ve already met.
– The pleasure’s all mine.
– I haven’t had the pleasure yet.
– It’s been a pleasure talking to you.

Introducing someone

– This is Michael, my lawyer.
– I’d like to introduce you to Jane.
– I’d like you to meet Mr. Nelson.
– Have you met Steven before?
– You know Louise, don’t you?
– You don’t know Mike, do you?
– You must be Tom’s brother?
– I’m sure you’ve heard of Mrs Mollins?
– May I introduce you to my new assistant.
– I’d be glad to introduce you to my wife.
– Have you met my colleague, Robert?
– I’d like you to meet my colleague, Sophia.
– This is Ethan. He works in the editorial department.
– William, this is Denise.

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