Information in English

  • Asking for information

Who owns this firm?
Who were you talking to?
What is it for?
What is that film about?
What is your uncle Richard waiting for?
What is that car like?
What time does the train leave the station?
– I’m a little surprised, where have they decided to meet?
When are you going to Kingston upon Hull?
Why don’t you leave them alone?
Whose coat is this?
Which option have they chosen?
How did your mother-in-law react?
How old is his daughter?
How far are we from Bordeaux?
How often do you meet your father?
How much is that romper suit?
How long did your girlfriend work for this company?
How long have you been living in this dirty pleace?
How deep is that well?
How high are The Rocky Mountains?
How long is The Nile River?
How many children has he got?
– Do you know where she’s gone?
– Did your fiancĂ© like the movie you have chosen for him?
– Is it yours?
– Are you dreaming?
– Has he got a job?
– Have you ever seen that play?
– Had he already finished his studies?
– Have they been married for a long time?
– Were they dancing?
– Are you going to buy a yacht?
– Will it shrink?
– Would you be happy if you had one?
– Would she have understood the joke?
– Can I take this brochure as a souvenir?
– May I ask you a question?
– Must I leave, too?
– I’m afraid I have many things to do today, need I stay?
Can you tell me how often they hold their assemblies?
– Could you give me his son’s address?
Is it true that the prices have changed?
Do you happen to know what this word means?
– I’ve been looking for her for a while, have you got an idea of where she’s hiding?
I’d like to know who runs the organization?
It would be interesting to know where the money comes from.
I wonder whether it still exists.
Don’t you think he’s going a bit too far?
Would you mind if I asked you a question?
– That’s a question I’d like to ask you.
The question I’d like to ask you is whether he can do it or not.

  • Giving information

Ok, go ahead!
Yes of course.
Yes, he is.
That would be your ex-colleague Matt.
– You can take the plane from Malaga.
– Never mind, you just go straight on, and it will be on the second left turn next to pharmacy.
Yes, I have.
No, I haven’t seen this movie before.
– I guess the play stars at 10 pm.
– I’ve been living here for three years.

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