How to be imprecise in English

How to be imprecise in English

When we want to get rid of someone or try to hide details, we use some imprecise (vague) expressions. Native speakers (especially British people) are awesomely good using these kind of expressions and even a good non-native speaker wholeheartedly can’t do it so easily.

Imprecise answers :

– I’m sort of sick today.
– Are you busy tonight ? – Yeah, kind of.
– In a way, I prefer watching the game at home.

Imprecise information about time or quality :

– We will stay for more or less a fortnight.
– I will meet you about four-ish.
– I’ll be ready in an hour or so.
– I have loads of problems lately.

Imprecise information about things you do :

– Let’s try to protect the account by a password or something.
– That kind of thing never happens in reality.
– Let me do some bits and pieces and then we can go.

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