Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!


  • Andrew: Happy birthday, darling!
  • Donna: Thank you, Andrew. Is this for me?
  • Andrew: Yes. Are you going to open it now? Or do you want to wait until Paula and Steven get here?
  • Donna: You’re kidding, aren’t you? Who knows when they’ll arrive? I’m opening it now!
  • Andrew: I can’t believe you’re 52. You don’t look a day older than when I first met you.
  • Donna: Oh, Andrew! For goodness’ sake! Of course I do. (opens present) What’s this? A ring? It’s the one I saw in the shop in Minehead. You remembered!
  • Andrew: Of course. You can wear it when we go away next weekend. I’ve booked two nights at a hotel in Winchester. Very romantic.
  • Donna: Ooh! You are spoiling me!


  1. Until  is used with a point in time: “The kids are staying until Tuesday.”
  2. Get is one of the most common words in English. Here, it means “arrive”.
  3. It’s fun to say flattering  things like I can’t believe you’re 52, or you don’t look a day older than… on someone’s birthday.
  4. To identify the thing we are talking about, we can say the one: “I like the one with the flowers on it.”
  5. When Donna says You remembered!, she is showing that she is pleased that Andrew thought to buy the ring she liked.
  6. When you spoil  somebody, you do something special to make him or her happy.

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