Favours in English

  • Asking for a favour

Could you do me a favour, please?
Would you mind doing me a favour?
Could I ask a favour of you?
Could you help me with this, please?
Could you hold this for me, please?
– I was wondering whether you could write me a recommendation letter?
Could you lend me a hand with this, please?
– Have you got time to help me solving this math issue?
– If it’s not too much trouble, could you ask her for me?

  • Preparing to ask for a favour

Are you free on Sunday? It’s just I need someone to babysit my two-years-old daughter Emma.
Are you busy this week? I’ve got to finish this project and I need you experience.
– I’ve got to move house this week, I don’t suppose you could help me out.
About that favour you owe me, could you take care of my sister?
I am not very good at this, could you handle it?
– I need to call in that favour I did for a while ago.
– You know a lot about computer programming, don’t you? Could you show me some of your code sources?
You’re perfect at this, could you help to understand what’s the difference between the passive and the active voice?
I know this might sound a bit cheeky, but could you tell your husband to forgive me about what happend yesterday?
You’re strong, aren’t you? Could you help me move this heavy piece of furniture from there?

  • Thanking someone

Thank you so much!
– You’ve saved my day.
Thanks a million.
You’re a true friend.
I really owe you one.
– I’ll buy you a drink sometime.
– I’ll return the favour one day.
– I’ll do the same for you one day.
You’re an absolute lifesaver!

  • Agreeing to do someone a favour

– OK. No problem.
Yes, I could help with that.
No problem at all.
Of course! what can I do for you?
– It would be a pleasure.

  • Saying no

– Actually, I’m a bit busy this week.
– I’m afraid I’ve got to go to a wedding.
I’m sorry but I can’t because my little brother will visit me and I need to pick him up from the airport.
I’m not available on Monday. It’s the beginning of the week, you how busy it is.
– I’d like to be able to help you but my father won’t let me stay with you tonight, especially tonight.
– When was the last time you ever did anything for me?
No, I don’t think so!
No way!
– I won’t help you out, forget it!

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