Express Anger in English

Expressing anger in English

– I don’t think that’s very clever!
– Are you trying to be funny?
– You wouldn’t dare!
– Don’t be silly!
– How dare you say that!
– Hang it!
– Get lost!
– Enough is good!
– That’s the limit!
– This is too much!
– Rubbish!
– Good riddance!
– And what next?
– I won’t swallow that!
– I’m warning you!
– Just you wait!
– Get out of my way!
– That’s the last straw!
– Mind your own business!
– It’s none of your business!
– Shame on you!
– It makes me see red!
– I have enough of that boy!
– I won’t have it!
– Why are so angry with her?
– Who do you take me for?
For God’s sake, leave me alone!
– I’m fed up with his lies.
– I’m fed up with your interrupting me all the time.
– Why the hell didn’t you wait for me?
– I won’t stand being treated like that.
– I can’t stand it any longer!
– I’ve heard as much as I can hear!
– I can’t put up with him!
– I won’t put up with that!
– I’m sick of all this!
– That serves you right!
– I’m sick and tired of telling you!
– I’m tired of them!
What makes me angry is that there is always something missing.
– She’s cross with you because you have disobeyed.
– He’s furious with them.
– What on earth have you been doing?
– What has that got to do with it?
– That gets on my nerves!
How on earth can you live in such a filthy place?
–  There is no reason why I should stay here.
What irritates me most is that nobody believes me.
– I won’t tolerate living among them.
– I can’t accept this view!

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