Causes and consequences in English

– She’s laughing so much because the play was so funny.
– I’m sorry you’ve got a problem because of me.
– She felt all the more excited because he had talked to her.
The cause of this problem we’re all facing is totally financial.
– I couldn’t understand anything, because of the strange words he used.
– It’s my Dad’s house; this is the reason why I don’t pay any rent.
It is for this reason that she never looks at you in your eyes.
– He wasn’t well-paid, that’s why he left that job.
– Let me explain why I’ve decided to stay.
– everybody knows that he did it out of fear.
Given the situation, we’ll stay in Canada for another month.
Judging by what is written here, you can’t be held responsible.
It is due to your lack of understanding.
As long as you care about your mother, why don’t you visit her in her new apartment?
Inasmuch as you did a great job, I will give you something very special at the end of the day.
– He was released, on account of his good behaviour.
Thanks to her authority, things went well.
Since it is a new contract, we have to be very precise.
As the plane was late, we stayed in the airport for five hours.
Owing to their youth, we asked for their parents’ permission.
Following the war, the price of petrol has gone up.
– I can’t buy it, for lack of cash.
– She thought it was a good book; therefore, she bought it.
– You don’t work enough, so, you can’t be rewarded.
– The result was negative; thus, she felt relieved.
– She has serious health problems; consequently, she can’t live normally.
As a consequence, he was fired.
– They check all the passports, as a result of possible terrorist attacks.
– She was so upset that she couldn’t speak.
– He makes such mistakes that nobody trusts him.

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