Responding to blame

Blaming / Responding to blame

In this English speaking lesson, we’re looking at ways to express blaming someone for something and responding to blame.

Blaming someone
• It’s all your fault.
• I’m to blame!
• I blame you for th is.
• They blamed it on him.
• I always get blamed for things.
• I told you not to do that.
• It was your idea to go there.
• I left you in charge of them.
• You were supposed to look after them.
• It was up to you to look after them.
• If you hadn’t left them alone, this never would have happened.
• You were responsible for keeping an eye on it.
• It’s all down to you.

Responding to blame
• It wasn’t my fault!
• It isn’t their fault!
• It’s got nothing to do with me.
• I’m not the one you should be blaming.
• (Pete) was responsible for looking after the boxes.
• There’s no way you can blame me for this.
• I can’t believe you just said that!
• That’s rubbish!
• That’s nonsense!
• You’re out of your mind!

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