Post Office

At the post office

What you say
• Is there a post office near here?
• What time does the post office open?
• Where can I buy stamps?
• Where can I get an envelope, please?
• I would like to send this letter to the US.
• I would like to send this letter special-delivery.
• I would like to send a certified letter.
• I would like to send a parcel to Australia.
• I’d like sixteen stamps for Japan, please.
• Is there a post box near here, please?
• I’d like to send this parcel registered post.
• Do you have any self-adhesive envelopes?
• I’ve come to collect a parcel, please.

What you hear
• That’ll be X amount, please.
• Shall I leave it here for you?
• There’s a post box just around the corner.
• Just put your name and address on the back, please.
• Please complete this form.
• This parcel is cash on delivery.
• First class or second class?
• I just need to weigh it on the scales.

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