Apologizing in English

– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your little sister.
– So sorry, I had no intention to tell you that.
– I’m sorry to have broken it.
– I’m sorry but I’ve got to go now.
– I’m awfully sorry for what happened yesterday.
– I’m deeply sorry. I know it was my fault and I couldn’t sleep last night.
– I can’t tell you how sorry I am!
– I’m terribly sorry for that mistake.
Sorry for being late.
– I’m very sorry for telling you uncle that you were here.
– I’m ashamed of being so stupid.
– How stupid of me!
– Excuse me, I didn’t mean it.
– I’m seeking forgiveness, please forgive me.
Excuse my insisting, I didn’t know he was listening.
Excuse me for being so critical, but this is who I am.
– I thought I was doing right!
– I didn’t do it on purpose!
– I do apologize about everything I’ve done so far.
– Please accept my apologies, I feel terrible.
– I must apologize for not returning it on time.
– Pardon me!
Pardon me for saying so.
– It’s my fault!
– I am entirely to blame!
Do forgive me for lying.
– It’s unforgivable of me!
– I can only say once again how sorry I am!
– I hope you’ll understand that I’m not fully responsible!
– I didn’t mean it.
– I didn’t do it on purpose.
– I didn’t mean to vex him.
– I had no intention of shocking her.
– I didn’t realize I was distrubing you.
– I’m not entirely responsible for it.
– I’m afraid I’m a bit early.
– I shouldn’t be so strict.
– I know I shouldn’t have insisted but that was very important for me.
If I had known you didn’t like flowers, I wouldn’t have brought them.

Accepting apologies
– That’s all right.
– It’s OK.
Never mind.
– You don’t have to apologize.
– Forget about the whole thing.

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