English Grammar

The uses of Must

Must express obligation and a strong necessity, it is followed by a verb without “to”.

Have to is an equivalent of Must but not as strong.

Examples :

  • Muslims must pray (perform salah) five times a day.
  • Students have to do their homework.

Must not or Mustn’t expresses prohibition, something forbidden to do.

Examples :

  • You must not sit on grass.
  • You mustn’t smoke in a cinema.

Needn’t or don’t/doesn’t have to express the lack of necessity, something which is not necessary.

Examples :

  • You needn’t buy bread. We have plenty.
  • You don’t have to buy bread.

Must also expresses a logical conclusion.

Examples :

  • Rachel is absent from school today. She must be ill.
  • You must be kidding me.

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