English Grammar

Make / Let / Allow

– We use Let and Allow to give someone permission to do something.
– We use Make to talk about obligation and to force someone to do something.


Form :

Make + Object + Verb (Without To)

Examples :

  • You should make him get a job.
  • I know how to make you feel better.
  • The new teacher never made us do homeworks.


Form :

Let + Object + Verb (Without To)

Examples :

  • My mother wouldn’t let me to go to the party.
  • I know, you didn’t do your best. You just let me wen everytime.
  • They won’t let their children make their own decisions.


Active form :

Allow + Object + to + Verb

Passive form :

Be + allowed + to + verb

Examples :

  • They always allow me to hang out with my friends and stay out late.
  • We are not allowed to go there.
  • Are they allowed to wear costumes this Halloween ?

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