English Grammar

Express Addition and Concession

Expressions of Addition

In addition – Moreover – Also

Denise’s book is about gender and cultural dimensions of globalisation. Moreover, it addresses the production and use of women’s magazine.

As well as

Rural women need education as well as health care.

Along with

Along with being busy with her professioal career, Susan manages her family life.

Not only … but … also

Women’s magazines are not only criticised for being elitist but also for focusing on urban issues.

Expressions of Concession

Although – Though

Although globalisation has a positive impact on Spanish women’s situation, there is still fear of losing local tradition.

However – Yet

Some women are illiterate. However, they benefit from pictures in magazines.

Despite – In spite of

In spite of being illiterate, some women use the magazine’s pictures as resources for dressmaking.

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